The iMuse project is conducted by 3 greek teams:

a) A team from the Centre for Research and Technology – Thessaly (CE.RE.TE.TH.), with strong background in sensor networking and data management, headed by Professor George Stamoulis, Assistant Professor Panayiotis Bozanis, and Assistant Professor Panagiota Tsompanopoulou;

b) A team from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), with strong background in data management, design and development of Virtual Museum, headed by Associate Professor Athina Vakali; and

c) A team of archaelogists from 13th Ephorate of Prehistoric & Classical Antiquities (EPCA), headed by Dr. Argyroula Doulgeri-Intzessiloglou, A’ level Archaelogist and Director of 13th Ephoriate of Antiquities.

Current Teams’ Members in iMuse Project:

Managerial Coordinator: Giorgia Pahlitzanakis,
Scientific Responsibles: Panagiotis Bozanis, George Stamoulis, and Panagiota Tsompanopoulou.
Development Team: Matina Bibi, Leonidas Akritidis, George Drasidis, Athanasios Fevgas, Nikos Fraggogiannis, Dini Martini, Maria Rammou, and Apostolos Tsiovoulos.

AUTH team
Scientific Responsible: Athena Vakali.
Development Team: Despoina Chatzakou, Maria Giatsoglou, Savvas Karagiannidis, Andreas Kosmatopoulos, Vassiliki Koutsonikola, and Christos Zigolis.

EPCA team
Scientific Responsible: Argyroula Doulgeri-Intzessiloglou
Development Team: Charalambos Intzesiloglou, Maria Patrikou, Zoe Malakasioti, Vasileios Karachristos, Emilia Kalogianni, and Konstantinos Vouzaxakis.

Previously involved in iMuse:
D. Katsaros, A.Papadimitriou, C. Stamos, A. Zaharis.