Virtual Wing

The Virtual Wing is intended to be used as a means for one who wants to navigate, virtually, through the exhibits of a museum. Visitors will be able to select one of the available virtual rooms of the museum and examine the showcases and items that are accommodated there. The exhibits, apart from text, are accompanied with multimedia content such as photos, video and audio. As well as being a useful source of information about the museum resources, the Virtual Wing also plays an educational role. The museum is organized into rooms with thematic sections. These sections have a number of showcases which are clusters of related items according to diverse archaeological criteria. The above categorization of the available exhibitions leads us to a constructive hierarchy which will be of great value for visitors, enabling them to understand the function and the utility of the exhibitions. This hierarchy is also adopted by the Virtual Wing when representing the cultural content of the museum. It should be noted that the system supports the existence of as many languages (e.g. Greek, English, French) and audience types (e.g. adults, children, archaeologists) as the museum administration prefers to add.