Mobile Tour Application

Mobile Tour Application

The Mobile Tour Application provides a virtual guide to the Museum’s visitors. It utilizes UHF RFID technology to build a convenient mobile museum guide. Its user interface is pleasant and easy for the users and it does not require any computer skills. The handheld device is a computer of light weight with a touch screen. It is also equipped with an UHF RFID reader to recognize and distinguish between the Museum exhibits. All museum’s showcases are equipped with RFID tags in order to link exhibits with the corresponding multimedia information stored to the museum’s data repository. The user has just to level at the chick sign of a particular item and its description appears on the device screen along with its image. Also, there appear links to audio and video material and images of relative museum’s items.

Mobile Tour contains a set of predefined tours in the museum, composed by the archaeologists to emphasize on a specific thematic entity of the museum. Besides the preset tours, the user has the ability to create her/his own walks in the museum, using certain criteria according to their profile; time available, class of the artifact (e.g., pottery, tools, coins, etc.), era and excavation site (only for experts) are the search criteria. In both tour types, the route is drawn with a red line and the exhibits of interest are marked as green points while user’s position is marked as a blue point.

Finally, the application includes an interactive search and find game, composed by a specialized to educational programs archeologist, where young visitors should locate and mark showcases relative to specific thematic area etc.


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