Projection Room

Projection Room

Τhe Projection Room Application aims to enhance cultural knowledge discovery by increasing access to museums’ digital content through a system that supports the creation and projection of presentations for Museum’s exhibits. The presentations may include text describing and commenting on museum’s collection, images of the exhibits, photographs from the excavations sites, sound and video.

The system provides much functionality satisfying the needs of Museum’s archaeologists, tour guides – instructors and visitors. Depending on the group ones belong, has different privileges on the use of the system.

  • The Museum staff is able to create presentations from scratch utilizing the appropriate information stored in the Museum database. They have a full access to the system.
  • The instructors or tour guides have less privileges than the museum’s archaeologists. They can create presentations by using the presentations already created by the Museum’s archaeologists.
  • Finally, a simple visitor can view a presentation that is already created by the other two groups of users. Of course, both Museum staff and instructors/tour guides can view the presentations already stored in the system.

The presentations can be attended either inside the museum or even outside of it e.g. in schools during a preparation class prior to a museum visit.


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